& Conditions

1) This report contains characteristics of the gem / jewellery described herein after it has been graded, tested, examined and analysed by IDT Laboratory, carefully with specialised instruments, under 10X magnification, including fully corrected Triplet Loupe, Binocular Microscope, Colour Master Stone Comparison, Specialised Weighing Scale and ancillary instruments as necessary.
2) This report is considered invalid if any alteration (s) is / are made to the Gem / Jewellery or to the report itself.
3) The report is provided on the request of the customers and / or the Gem / Studded Jewellery. Neither the client nor the purchaser of the Gem / Jewellery, shall regard this report as an appraisal / guarantee / warranty. IDT operates as an independent laboratory and has no financial interest in the sale of Gems / Diamonds/ or Jewellery items.
4) Stone Weights and Counts are purported by the client.
5) In the event of any claim by the client or any person for the damage to the gem / jewellery, or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the report, the liability of IDT shall be limited to the amount it receives as fee, in connection with the report.
6) The parties recognise that the options may reasonably vary regarding the characteristics covered in the report. And hence IDT, or any member of its staff, at any time, may not be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading methods.
7) The results shall be governed by the Judicial systems and all matters, disputes or references to the arbitration shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the regions / countries in which IDT have their registered companies.