IDT - Gem &
 Diamond Grading Laboratory

IDT Worldwide is a globally recognised and trusted Gemological Laboratory with indigenous expertise and latest precision equipment, to perform scientific and diligent analysis for Diamonds and Gemstones of different weights, shapes & sizes. At IDT, we have an exceedingly advanced set-up through world-class gem testing laboratory systems. We provide Gemstone identification, Quality Analysis, Screening, Assortment and Sealed Report Facilities.
IDT empowers the Gemological eco-system with the Gem Testing Report, Diamond Grading Report and Studded Jewellery Analysis for retailers/wholesalers/ manufacturers on one side and buyers/consumers on the other. Regardless of the geographic location, an authentic IDT Laboratory report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.

Government Certified Gem Testing Lab

IDT Worldwide is one of the premier networks of Government Certified Gemological Laboratories. IDT’s team of qualified and experienced gemologists and experts provide an independent, unbiased and honest analysis of the gemstones in each gem testing laboratory.
There are different types of gemstones with a wide range in variations. With our latest technology, highly precision machinery and equipment, we identify and describe the quality and information of every gemstone submitted. Our expert gemologists diligently examine each piece, and the observations are recorded through our secure systems to generate the report.

Globally Presence of Gem Testing Laboratory

Around the world IDT’s Gemological Reports are trusted and accepted as the standard for impartial gemstone quality assessment. IDT Worldwide has established itself with extensive laboratories situated globally in UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, and mobile laboratory services across Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, England, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland.
IDT today is a name recognized for consistent, reliable and impeccable quality and services. The IDT Report is regarded as the standard of excellence in gemology. Various Laboratory reports and services provided by IDT Worldwide are