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The laboratories of IDT commercializes the sophisticated systems and devices that are conceived, designed and fine-tuned inhouse. They are brought to the market for the benefit of the diamond industry and trade around the globe. Innovation, quality, user-friendliness and service are keywords in IDT 's business strategy. Its products include highly specialized microscopes, cutting machines and devices that can efficiently screen for treated synthetic diamonds & coloured stones.

Every person around the world is fond of precious and semi-precious stones & jewellery and buys them in their individual capacity. Buyer, as an individual is always in doubt about whether his purchase of Gem or Jewellery is genuine or not. Perhaps, IDT certification of Diamonds has added the 5th C i.e Confidence (for the jeweller and the buyer) to the internationally acclaimed 4 C's of diamonds which includes Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The certificate acts as a confidence booster to the jeweller or the manufacturer for the purchase of loose gems or studded jewellery he has bought and he passes on the same confidence to the customer, who feels satisfied when he gets an IDT laboratory certificate. At present we have certified over 20,00,000 pieces of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery across the globe through the IDT platform.
IDT empowers the certification/testing ecosystem for the Gems and Jewellery category with DIAMOND GRADING REPORT (DGR), GEM TESTING REPORT (GTR), STUDDED JEWELLERY ANALYSIS (SJA ) and delivers value to both retailers/wholesalers/ manufacturers on one side and buyers/consumers on the other.

We initiated the concept of MOBILE LABORATORY, keeping in mind huge quantities and the high cost of Diamonds and Jewellry. Trained gemologists with the instruments go the point of sale and certify the stuff, rather than transporting it to the laboratory.

Gem technology has advanced significantly over the last few years. The jewelry industry is now faced with an array of new gemstone enhancements and treatments, some of which are identifiable only with IDT's advanced gemological equipment. IDT's state-of-the-art laboratories are located in the heart of gem and jewellery districts throughout the world.
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