Jewellery Analysis

Studded Jewellery Analysis
The STUDDED JEWELLERY ANALYSIS (SJA) provides a detailed description of the article of jewellery. This includes the diamond's Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat weight, finish and details of the content of any precious metals.

For further identification, a photograph is also provided. The report represents the professional opinion of IDT, but does not reflect the financial value of the diamond. The diamond described has been examined in the IDT laboratory by our professional staff with the most latest instruments which are available.

These reports are ideal for professionals and consumers who desire a permanent record of the actual identity, authenticity and quality of a particular article of jewellery. This service has come to be valuable to our retail and online partners adding value to products and peace of mind to consumers who have the confidence in purchasing a jewellery piece that has been summarised by an IDT.