Within a very short period of time we have spread our operations across continents and have penetrated deep inside countries. Currently we have full fledged Laboratories, Mobile laboratory setups, equipped with advanced instruments and Educational Institutes, driven by top class faculty in Singapore, U.A.E, Qatar, India and are now actively focused on expanding the service offering to other places.
Team Page
IDT boasts of an employee strength of 50+ people which includes teams for Marketing, HR, Gemologists, Faculty, Admin, Accounts and Helpers and is regarded as the Largest Independent Laboratory Network for Testing & Grading Gemstones and Fine Jewelery.
The methodology employed by IDT's highly trained and experienced team of Gem Detectives (Gemologists) and technicians has allowed for the evolution of the perfect formula regarding certification of Gemstone/Jewellery procedures, report record keeping, gem & jewellery security and handling.
Our on going mission is to develop laboratories for research, centres of excellence for value based jewellery and gemmology education, comparable with the best in the world through continuous learning, social responsiveness and strategic partnership with the industry.