Gemology is the science, art, and profession of identifying and evaluating gemstones. Here at IDT we provide you with quality gemological instruments to make the task of gemstone analysis faster and easier. Gemstone identification is performed using different instruments to study optical and physical properties of the gemstone, such as its refractive index (or reflectivity index), specific gravity (relative density) or the selective absorption of light in the gem material. Commonly used gemological instruments are: Jeweler's Loupes, Microscopes, Dichroscopes, Polariscopes, Chelsea Filters and Ruby Filters, and Gem Refractometers and Reflectivity Meters.
For instance, IDT’s Microscopes are used to grade more diamonds and gemstones than any other scope in the Meddile East and South East Asia. With their ease of use, versatility, and reliability, the vast majority of professionals use our microscopes to share the intricacies of gemstones with their customers – and close sales.