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A Copyright protects original creative works such as books, movies, songs, paintings, photographs, web content and choreography. As the owner of a federally registered copyright, you can control how your work is reproduced, distributed and presented publicly, and you can sue infringers in court of law and prevent others from importing infringing goods.

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A Trademark protects names, terms and symbols that are used to identify the source of goods and/or services in the market. In other words, a trademark lets the consumer distinguish one company's offerings from another's. Trademarks include brand names such as "Coca-Cola" and images such as Nike's famous "swoosh." As the owner of a registered trademark, you can sue for trademark infringement in court of law and prevent the importation of goods that display your trademark.
Copyright © 2015 IDT. All rights reserved. IDT, Institute of Diamond Trade, the IDT seal and the IDT logo are the registered trademarks of IDT. IDT does not permit anyone outside the Institute to use its trademarks and logos. IDT does not object to your making descriptive, non-trademark use of its name (but not logos), provided that the use is not likely to cause confusion, mistake, deception, or create the false impression that you or any other non-IDT entity or its product is affiliated with, connected to, associated with, approved by, or sponsored by IDT.
Use of IDT Alumni Association trademarks must comply with the terms of use and copyrights and trademarks usage described herein and in the IDT Alumni Association Identity Program Logo and Graphic Usage Guidelines.