Care Tips


  • Always use make-up, lotions, cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, soap before wearing your jewellery.
  • Remove any perspiration or oil gently with a soft cloth after using your jewellery, before storing.
  • Use fabric lined boxes to store your jewellery. Wrap each piece individually in tissue or cotton to prevent scratches.
  • Dont's

  • Do not wear jewellery while doing physical activities like exercise, swimming, gardening, housekeeping and other household chores.
  • Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products.
  • Never wear jewellery when swimming in a chemically treated swimming pool or while soaking in a spa.
  • Cleaning your jewellery

  • Establish a daily care routine of washing your jewellery in very mild soapy water after wearing it at the end of the day.
  • Always wash in a secure location, never at the rim of the sink, where your piece may slip down the drain.
  • Use only a soft brush or cloth to clean, never hard objects to remove dust or particles.
  • Jewellery which has become too soiled should be cleaned professionally.
  • Clean your jewellery regularly. Sweat, soaps, lotions, skin oils make diamonds and gemstones appear dull.
  • Diamond jewellery should be cleaned with a soft brush dipped in warm and mild detergent, rinsed under running water.
  • Pearl jewellery should never be exposed to chemicals, solvents or ultrasonics without knowing their specific cleaning requirements.
  • Tips for long life

  • Keep the certificate or laboratory reports separately, in a safe location for security.
  • Atleast once a year get your jewellery cleaned and checked by a professional for worn moldings, loose prongs and general conditions.
  • Around every two years, get white gold re-plated, platinum re-ppolished and prongs re-tipped, to maintain original condition.
  • Your daily wear jewellery should be carefully selected, it should be in harmony with your lifestyle and schedule of activities.
  • Treat each piece as a family heirloom, as someday it just may be.