With education comes knowledge, as well as the confidence necessary to buy, sell and appraise jewelry. IDT courses and diploma programs prepare you for success. We offer the finest gem and jewelry education in the world with curriculum developed from our groundbreaking research and delivered by the industry’s leading experts. IDT gives you the knowledge and practical skills to translate your love for gems and jewelry into a rewarding career.You can enroll at IDT's dynamic School of Gemology to build your career today.
    The popular courses are mention below:

    Master Courses

  • Master in Gemology Programme
  • Diploma Courses

  • Graduate Gemologist Diploma Course
  • Graduate Diamonds Diploma Course
  • Graduate Colored Stones Course
  • Jewellery Designing Diploma Course
  • Certificate Programs

  • Diamond Grading Programme
  • Colored Stone Grading Course
  • Gemstone Identification Course
  • Pearl Grading Course
  • Diamond Assortment Course
  • Skill Programs

  • Skilled Jewellery Professional Diploma
  • Rapid Designing Programme
  • Gemstone Guide

  • Diamond 4Cs
    1. Carat
    2. Color
    3. Clarity
    4. Cut
  • Diamond Shapes
  • Gemstone by Color
  • Colored Gemstone
  • Importance of Certification
  • Jewellery Care Tips