IDT is among the premier networks of Gemological Laboratories, which empowers and enables jewellers, jewellery brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, end use customers and the masses in general to get a third party certification for its loose and studded gemstones, diamonds and jewellery.
Perhaps, IDT certification of Diamonds has added the 5th C i.e Confidence (for the jeweller and the buyer) to the internationally acclaimed 4 C's of diamonds which includes Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The certificate acts as a confidence booster to the jeweller or the manufacturer for the purchase of loose gems or studded jewellery he has bought and he passes on the same confidence to the customer, who feels satisfied when he gets a laboratory certificate. At present we have certified over 3 million pieces of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery internationally through the IDT platform.
IDT has emerged as the favourite destination for getting their gemstones and jewellery certified. The IDT network presently comprises marquee jewellery brands as well as many leading jewellers across Central, South West and South East Asia . We initiated the concept of MOBILE LABORATORY, keeping in mind huge quantities and the high cost of Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewellry. The mobile squad consisting of Trained Gemologists with the High quality latest precision instruments go to the point of sale for the certification and grading, rather than transporting it to the laboratory.

IDT empowers the certification/testing ecosystem for the Gems and Jewellery category with Diamond Grading Report (DGR), Gem Testing Report (GTR), Studded Jewellery Analysis(SJA ) and delivers value to both retailers/wholesalers/ manufacturers on one side and buyers/consumers on the other. IDT Diamond Testing Reports have different formats and presentations, customised to serve a wide range of consumer demand in different markets across countries. Regardless of the format, every IDT report is issued according to the strict International Grading Parameters and security enabled secret codes for which IDT is known.
Since new technologies are continually being developed and applied to treat rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other gemstones, the IDT Laboratory report is of utmost importance. Our report clearly states whether the report is Natural or Synthetic, provides other data describing its shape, cut, measurements, colour, transparency and major optical characters with a detailed photograph.
Buying jewellery is almost a religion across the globe and has clearly emerged as an essential lifestyle product. The online and offline jewellery market around the world is worth billions of dollars and is growing at 40% per annum. IDT is uniquely positioned to exploit the emerging business opportunity for certification presented by a greater number of jewellery buyers. Every person around the world is fond of precious and semi-precious stones & jewellery and buys them in their individual capacity. Buyer, as an individual is always in doubt about whether his purchase of Gem or Diamonds is genuine or not.
With the easy availability of Synthetics and treated Precious stones everywhere, the consumer is always confused at the time of making the purchases. Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to the quality. Regardless of the geographic location, an authentic IDT Laboratory report can be the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.
As a part of our initiative to reach out to a larger target audience, we are trying to enter into strategic partnerships with the industry and premium media brands to create awareness across the masses. We at IDT are charting new steps to achieve our next orbit of growth with aggressive execution predicated on enrolling a greater number of Jewellers and direct customer walk-in's in our laboratories, becoming the leaders in the category and empower the Jewellery trade for gemological certification, education and consulting across the globe. education and consulting across the globe.